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Jenise McCardell, graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Ceramics. She moved to
the French Quarter of New Orleans where she designed and produced her work for ten years. Jenise has displayed her craftwork at many fairs and festivals in the Gulf Coast area since 1980. Jenise, Jenise's daughter Devon, and her husband, Mark Currier now reside in "Old Town" Bay St. Louis Mississippi which was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. The Clay Creations studio closed for about one month after Katrina due to knee-deep mud. After much hard work and sweat from family, friends and gallons of Clorox, the studio was up and running for the October 8 monthly art walk.

Jenise McCardell of Clay Creations

Clay Creations Plaques
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Clay Creations Switchplates
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Clay Creations Hook Houses