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Daniela: Born in Eastern Germany, my family moved to Celle, Germany when I was 11 years old. It was a magical city and time. My motherís love of art, culture, architecture, and nature created a spark in my soul that burns bright today through photography. My tomboy spirit, in a magical city filled with half-timbered houses, museums, and castles and my mother, a teacher, mentor and friend propelled me to my path of art study and my passion for photography. After art school and apprenticing with several renowned photographers in Celle, training under their brilliant mentorship, I again felt that early spark burn brighter and the desire to do more.

With camera and suitcase in hand, my motherís voice in my head and a deep passion for photography, I took the leap and moved to Swiss Alps, my new home and next adventure. And here was where my own voice began to be heard. I continued traveling through Europe, expanding my photographic language to share the majestic beauty that I was surrounded by.
In 2012 I moved to New Orleans where I too, became a mom. The beauty, culture and vibrance of this city reawakening that same spark that my mother ignited so many years before, that I built into a fire back in Europe and became my voice.

New Orleans is my home, I love everything about it, itís architecture, culture, music, art, its light and its darkness. Most importantly, I heard its voice. The voice of my mom, the voice of the bricks and stones, the voice of mentors and teachers, the voice of my daughter, all those voices, all the magic: all that love I capture through my lens.

I believe my mom would hear it as well.

Love Wins Photo