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Carol Flannery of Carolyn Rivers Designs, is a native of New Orleans who specializes in designing lampwork beaded jewelry and stained & etched glass. With her rich experience of New Orleans, she designs jewelry to commemorate the famous Cajun and Creole cuisine of the Crescent city. She is known for her chili pepper, red beans & rice, and coffee beignet & Fleur de Lis designs. Carol uses lampworking techniques using a torch at 2500 degrees to shape each individual glass bead.
This involves using a torch to texture metal, a Russian technique in which the famous Fabre used to make his hollow vessels.
Carol Flannery of Carolyn Rivers Designs
Her 25 plus years experience in custom stained glass making enhances the architecture and the interiors of historic and modern style homes. Custom orders are welcomed. She is a member of the Dutch Alley Artist Co-op in New Orleans.

Stained Glass Windows by Carol Flannery
Some of Carol's Stained Glass Windows

Carol celebrates Louisiana heritage with her original Red Beans & Rice, Chili Peppers, Blueberries, Strawberries, Oysters, Cafe au Lait & Beignets, Flowers, Mardi Gras and Other Fun Pieces! All are handcrafted from lampworked glass beads and/or sterling silver.

Carol Flannery's Jewelry
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